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Service NoRouteBus TimingsBus Type
2538AMP – VSPMCBS00:15 → 04:30SUPER LUXURY
2837RZL – VSP00:15 → 04:15SUPER LUXURY
35293MTM – VSP – PPM00:15 → 04:45ULTRA DELUXE
2536AMP – VSPMCBS01:00 → 04:45INDRA(A.C.Seater)
3714MTM – VSP01:00 → 05:20SUPER LUXURY
23537AMP – VSPMCBS01:30 → 05:45SUPER LUXURY
35069MTM -BVRM-SKLM01:40 → 05:50SUPER LUXURY
3712MTM – VSP01:45 → 05:50SUPER LUXURY
2651KKD – VSPMCBS N/S04:00 → 07:30SUPER LUXURY
2653KKD – VSPMCBS N/S04:45 → 08:15SUPER LUXURY
2855RCPM – ICPM05:00 → 09:30ULTRA DELUXE
2875KKD – VSPMCBS N/S05:15 → 08:45SUPER LUXURY
2655KKD – VSPMCBS N/S05:45 → 09:15SUPER LUXURY
2657KKD – VSPMCBS N/S06:15 → 09:45SUPER LUXURY
24703RVPM – VSPMCBS06:45 → 11:00ULTRA DELUXE
2659KKD – VSPMCBS N/S07:00 → 10:30INDRA(A.C.Seater)
2889KKD – VSPMCBS N/S07:30 → 11:00SUPER LUXURY
24701RCPM-DKRM-VSP07:30 → 12:00EXPRESS
24267RZL – VSPMCBS07:45 → 12:00SUPER LUXURY
2661KKD – VSPMCBS N/S08:00 → 11:30SUPER LUXURY
2663KKD – VSPMCBS N/S08:40 → 12:10SUPER LUXURY
2580RZL – VSPMCBS09:00 → 13:00SUPER LUXURY

2523AMP – VSPMCBS09:05 → 12:50INDRA(A.C.Seater)
2665KKD – VSPMCBS N/S09:20 → 12:50SUPER LUXURY
8310RZL-VZM09:25 → 13:10ULTRA DELUXE
2200AMP – VSPMCBS09:30 → 13:45SUPER LUXURY
3097AMP – TKL09:45 → 14:15ULTRA DELUXE
2767KKD – SKLM10:30 → 15:15ULTRA DELUXE
27085KKD – VSPMCBS A/C10:40 → 14:30METRO LUXURY A/C
8308BVRM-VZM10:40 → 14:40ULTRA DELUXE
23531AMP – VSPMCBS10:45 → 15:00SUPER LUXURY
23889RVPM – SLR11:00 → 15:00ULTRA DELUXE
2833RZL-VSPMCBS11:30 → 15:30INDRA(A.C.Seater)
4860BVRM – VSP11:30 → 15:45INDRA(A.C.Seater)
4985TNK-VSP11:45 → 16:45SUPER LUXURY
27087KKD – VSP12:00 → 15:50METRO LUXURY A/C
2835RZL – VSPMCBS12:00 → 16:00SUPER LUXURY
27153KKD-VSP N/S12:40 → 16:30METRO LUXURY A/C
24277RZL – VSPMCBS13:00 → 17:15SUPER LUXURY
2817KKD – VSPMCBS N/S13:20 → 16:50SUPER LUXURY
24265RZL – VSPMCBS13:45 → 18:30SUPER LUXURY

KAKINADA to VISAKHAPATNAM bus ticket price info

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