Melmaruvathur Temple Timings

As the lockdown came to an end in India, most the tourist & pilgrimages are opened with SOP. Check Melmaruvathur Temple, temple timings for daily darshan & pooja timings (weekdays, weekends / Sunday). Also check bus timings from your city with us on the go.
Devotees can book online tickets for daily darshan, special pooja / puja, sevas, abhishekam and accommodation on the official Melmaruvathur Temple temple website.

Melmaruvathur Temple timings today after lockdown

Monday3:00 AM08:00 PM
Tuesday3:00 AM08:00 PM
Wednesday3:00 AM08:00 PM
Thursday3:00 AM08:00 PM
Friday3:00 AM08:00 PM
Saturday3:00 AM08:00 PM
Sunday3:00 AM08:00 PM

Melmaruvathur Temple Malai Temple details

Location: Melmaruvathur, Kancheepuram
City & State: India
Opening Time:3 AM
Closing Time:8:00 PM
Darshan Timings:5:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Deity:Arulthiru Amma
Entry Fee:Free & paid
Best Time to Visit:365 Days
Dress Code:Indian Traditional

Temple Morning Darshan Timings

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Monday5:30 AM01:00 PM
Tuesday5:30 AM01:00 PM
Wednesday5:30 AM01:00 PM
Thursday5:30 AM01:00 PM
Friday5:30 AM01:00 PM
Saturday5:30 AM01:00 PM
Sunday5:30 AM01:00 PM

Temple Evening Darshan Timings

Monday3:00 PM08:00 PM
Tuesday3:00 PM08:00 PM
Wednesday3:00 PM08:00 PM
Thursday3:00 PM08:00 PM
Friday3:00 PM08:00 PM
Saturday3:00 PM08:00 PM
Sunday3:00 PM08:00 PM

Temple Darshan Timings on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

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Monday5:30 AM08:00 PM
Tuesday5:30 AM08:00 PM
Wednesday5:30 AM08:00 PM
Thursday5:30 AM08:00 PM
Friday5:30 AM08:00 PM
Saturday5:30 AM08:00 PM
Sunday5:30 AM08:00 PM

Temple Special / Daily Pooja Timings

Name (Puja/Pooja)OpensCloses

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Also check bus timings for Melmaruvathur Temple temple with us.

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