Service No: 2591 KKD-VJA 15:15 → 20:15 Duration: 5 hrs DELUXE Via: RJY,NLJRL Depot: KAKINADA Service No: 2701 KKD – VJA 23:55 → 04:45 Duration: 4 hrs DELUXE Via: RJY,NLJRL,ELR Depot: KAKINADA
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Bus Type Depot 4277 VSP – GNT 09:30 → 17:20 SUPER LUXURY GUNTUR2 4281 VSP – GNT 10:30 → 18:20 SUPER LUXURY GUNTUR2 3419 VSP – PDTR 14:30 → 23:00 SUPER LUXURY MADHURA WADA 6374 VSP …
Service No: 3420 PDTR – VSP 07:00 → 09:00 Duration: 2 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back) Via: MARKAPURAM, VIJAYAWADA, ANNAVARAM Depot: MADHURA WADA Service No: 3322 AMP – VSP 17:00 → 18:00 Duration: …
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Bus Type VIA Depot 3939 VSP – VJA 00:30 → 05:15 INDRA VIJAYAWADA 3979 VSP – VJA 00:45 → 06:05 SUPER LUXURY AUTONAGAR(VJA) 3773 VSP – JPT 01:30 → 06:30 SUPER LUXURY JAGGAIHPET 2859 TUNI-SSLM 05:30 → 12:00 …
Service No: 5021 NLR – VSP 16:30 → 05:00 Duration: 12 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back) Via: VIJAYAWADA Depot: NELLORE1 Service No: 5047 NLR – VSP 19:00 → 07:00 Duration: 12 hrs SUPER …
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Bus Type VIA Depot 5047 NLR – VSP 02:00 → 07:00 SUPER LUXURY NELLORE1 3450 ASK(BHEL)-VSP 03:00 → 07:45 SUPER LUXURY VJA VISAKHAPATNAM 4278 GNT – VSP 08:45 → 14:15 SUPER LUXURY RJY GUNTUR2 4276 GNT …
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Bus Type VIA Depot 3482 TPT-VSP 00:00 → 05:00 SUPER LUXURY VJA,RJMD,TUNI MADHURA WADA 3459 KRNL-VSP 00:00 → 04:00 SUPER LUXURY MADHURA WADA 3378 BHEL – NRPM 00:15 → 04:30 SUPER LUXURY VIJAYAWADA NARSIPATNAM 2894 BHEL …
2688 MGBS – KKD 23:30 → 04:35Duration: 5 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back)Via: VJA,NLJL,RJY Also check HYDERABAD TO VIJAYAWADA Bus timings Visakhapatnam to Annavaram
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Bus Type Depot 3394 VSP – MGBS 00:30 → 03:30 INDRA VISAKHAPATNAM 5048 VSP – NLR 00:30 → 04:00 SUPER LUXURY NELLORE1 5865 VSP-KNKR 00:30 → 04:45 SUPER LUXURY KANDUKUR 3359 VSP-MGBS-BHEL 00:45 → 03:30 GARUDA VISAKHAPATNAM 3373 …
24253 RZL – TPT 14:15 → 16:30 Duration: 2 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back) Via: BVRM,VJA,GNT,NELLORE Also check HYDERABAD TO VIJAYAWADA Bus timings Visakhapatnam to Annavaram
7649 NZB – TPT 02:30 → 06:00 Duration: 3 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back) Via: mgbs 8265 BPLY – TPT 07:15 → 10:15 Duration: 3 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back) …
Service No. 8122 GNT – NRML 17:00 → 20:30 Duration: 3 hrs SUPER LUXURY(Non-AC, 2 + 2 Push Back) Via: VJA,KDD,ARMR Service No. 8495 GNT – KLSM 19:00 → 23:55 Duration: 4 hrs DELUXE Via: WARANGAL
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Bus Type Via Depot 3458 MDWD-VSP – KURNOOL 01:15 → 02:30 ` MADHURA WADA 3383 MDWD – VSP – SSLM 02:00 → 02:30 SUPER LUXURY MADHURA WADA 2725 KKD – CRL 02:15 → 03:15 DELUXE RVPM,VJA,GNT …
Service No Trip Route Trip Timings Duration Bus Type Via Depot 2714 KDP – KKD 01:45 → 03:10 1 hrs SUPER LUXURY BDVL,PMR,KNKR,OGL,VJA,RVPM KAKINADA 4869 TPT-BVRM 04:45 → 05:45 1 hrs INDRA NLR,VJA,ELR BHIMAVARAM 2710 SSLM – KKD 16:00 → 17:20 1 …

APSRTC Bus Timings Time Table

APSRTC – Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corp is the leading Govt operating bus services in Andhra Pradesh with 3,668 services of different types and runs to different cities and villages of the state. RTC services are operated for general public in connecting major cities like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Eluru, Rajahmundry, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Nellore, Chittoor, Tirupathi, Anantapur, Kadapa, Kurnool and more. Bus ticket reservation for Vennela (AC Sleeper), Garuda Plus (AC Semi-Sleeper Multi Axle), Garuda (AC Semi-Sleeper Volvo / Benz / Isuzu), Indra (2 + 2 AC Semi-Sleeper), Super Luxury (2 + 2 Non-AC Pushback), Deluxe (2 + 2 Non-AC), Express (3 + 2 Non-AC), Amaravathi, Metro Luxury AC, Ultra Deluxe, Super Luxury, Pallevelugu. Andhra Pradesh RTC Runs buses to Hyderabad, Bhadrachalam, Shirdi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Vellore, Nagpur, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Miryalaguda, Karimnagar, Khammam, Nizamabad, Adilabad. visit APS RTC official website.

List of APSRTC Bus Timings Today & Tomorrow

Hyderabad to Vijayawada
Hyderabad to Vizag
Hyderabad to Bhadrachalam
Vizag to Annavaram
Vijayawada to Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation is a company in the transportation sector that is committed in giving high-quality services and always improving on the services by recognising teamwork for the betterment of the passengers thus obtaining known respect and acknowledgment in this bus transport sector.
APSRTC offers various kinds of services. These services are categorised differently so as to enable each and every passenger get the required services as per what is offered. The services are of professional standards and also affordable. Depending on the bus type, the services vary that is each bus provides different types of services.
There are different types of Buses APSRTC uses with each type of Bus having special features and services namely Express, Dulex, Super Deluxe, Semi Luxury, Super Luxury and AC Sleeper.
For instance, a bus of type Vennela (AC Sleeper) has four different types of services offered. These buses can be booked online through a reservation system known as OPRS-Online Passenger Reservation System to book tickets at the last minute for the same-day/ today or tomorrow. This system offers ways and means of getting different types of services buses.
APSRTC is connected in most cities and towns thus providing services equaly to these cities and town. Namely Andhra ( Ongole, Nellore, Anantapur, Kadapa, Kurnool, Vizianagaram Chittoor Tirupathi, , Srikakulam, Guntur, Eluruetc), the bordering states include Chennai, Telangana, Mumbai, VellorePune, Shirdi, Nagpur, Bengaluru etc.
RTC Bus timings: RTC Bus timings enable users to get relevant and complete bus timings, service number, distance, travel duration, different bus services.
The RTC Bus timings are computerized, hence making each and every Bus to have its departure and arrival time scheduled for today. This enables passengers to prepare themselves well and have to know what day and time Buses arrive and depart.
There are a number of ways the passenger can get to know the Bus timings according to RTC. One can use available websites such as the official APSRTC website or any relevant third-party websites that are reliable and convey the same correct timing as per the RTC Bus timings.
APSRTC developed an android application that enable passengers to book and make a reservation online. This makes it easier for passengers to get ticket since they don’t need to physically appear in the booking office. Also the application enabled ease of viewing Bus timing thus enabling the passengers to reach at the Bus stations at the right time.
APSRTC Bus timing is the best system in place that makes the smooth running of services in this Bus transport Corporation. The timings are easy to view and understand. The APSRTC official website also gives passengers a portal to check the availability of the Bus tickets, this ensures that correct timing is made for the bus to arrive and departure thus there is no delays.
APSRTC is known to be the biggest Bus service company holding thousands of fleet of buses offering reliable, affordable and constant services to its clients.


  • What is the bus timings of APSRTC?

    APSRTC runs buses around the clock from all parts of Andhra Pradesh, including cities like Vijaywada, Tirupathi, Nellore, and Vizag. And most of the RTC buses start at 4 AM from all major cities. Check the latest Bus Timings here before you start.

  • How much luggage is allowed in APSRTC?

    Unlike others, APSRTC also has limitations on baggage weightage, each passenger is allowed to carry up to 50 Kgs for FREE with them.