Bangalore to Mangalore Bus Timings

Check Bangalore to Mangalore bus timings & time table for today / tomorrow, journey distance, online bus ticket booking information, bus fares / bus ticket price, Bangalore to Mangalore bus route and bus stand/depot station timetable, trip route on the Go. Get KSRTC Government bus / public transportation busses info on your mobile. Also grab tourist spots train time table, tour by bus info, nearest airport info and more.

KSRTC Buses from Bangalore to Mangalore

Trip Code Departure Journey Hours Destination Bus type
2010BNGCDP 20:10 07:20 Kundapura AC Sleeper
2105BNGMNG 21:05 07:25 Mangalore AC Sleeper
2218BNGMNG 22:18 07:42 Mangalore AC Sleeper
2233BNGMNG 22:33 07:00 Mangalore AC Sleeper
2251BNGMNG 22:51 06:39 Mangalore AC Sleeper
0605BNGMNG 06:05 07:10 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
0701BNGMNG 07:01 07:29 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
0702BNGMNG 07:02 08:58 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
0830BNGCDP 08:30 07:30 Kundapura Airavat Volvo AC
1003BNGMNG 10:03 08:58 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
1004BNGMNG 10:04 07:10 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
1201BNGMNG 12:01 06:59 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
1300BNGMNG 13:00 08:00 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
1400BNGMNG 14:00 07:55 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
1428BNGMNG 14:28 07:55 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2229BNGMNG 20:45 08:44 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2249BNGCDP 21:00 08:00 Kundapura Airavat Volvo AC
2301BNGMNG 21:15 09:45 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2116BNGMNG 21:16 08:45 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2136BNGCDP 21:36 07:14 Kundapura Airavat Volvo AC
2153BNGMNG 21:53 07:58 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2158BNGCDP 21:58 06:47 Kundapura Airavat Volvo AC
2209BNGCDP 22:09 06:41 Kundapura Airavat Volvo AC
2224BNGMNG 22:24 08:21 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2230BNGMNG 22:30 09:00 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2240BNGMNG 22:40 08:00 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2310BNGMNG 23:10 07:00 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
2334BNGMNG 23:34 08:00 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC
0800BNGMNG 08:00 07:30 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC Multi Axle
0906BNGMNG 09:06 06:54 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC Multi Axle
1102BNGMNG 11:02 06:58 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC Multi Axle
2214BNGMNG 22:14 07:31 Mangalore Airavat Volvo AC Multi Axle
0736BNGMNG 07:36 08:00 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
0801BNGCDP 08:01 09:00 Kundapura Karnataka Sarige
0831BNGMNG 08:31 08:00 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
1015BNGMNG 10:15 08:00 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
1215BNGMNG 12:15 08:45 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
1431BNGMNG 14:31 08:30 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
1831BNGMNG 18:31 08:00 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
2031BNGMNG 20:31 08:25 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
2116BNGCDP 21:16 07:44 Kundapura Karnataka Sarige
2146BNGMNG 21:46 07:14 Mangalore Karnataka Sarige
2215BNGMNP 20:00 10:00 Manipal Non AC Sleeper
2030BNGCDP 20:30 08:30 Kundapura Non AC Sleeper
2135BNGMNG 21:35 08:25 Mangalore Non AC Sleeper
2145BNGMNG 21:45 08:00 Mangalore Non AC Sleeper
2200BNGMNG 22:00 07:30 Mangalore Non AC Sleeper
2222BNGMNG 22:22 08:08 Mangalore Non AC Sleeper
2242BNGMNG 22:42 08:00 Mangalore Non AC Sleeper
0630BNGMNG 06:30 08:30 Mangalore Rajahamsa
0716BNGCDP 07:16 08:15 Kundapura Rajahamsa
0815BNGUDP 08:15 08:15 Udupi Rajahamsa
0931BNGMNG 09:31 07:30 Mangalore Rajahamsa
1229BNGMNG 12:29 09:30 Mangalore Rajahamsa
2042BNGCDP 19:00 09:02 Kundapura Rajahamsa
1902BNGBKL 19:02 08:00 Bhatkal Rajahamsa
2119BNGMNG 19:30 09:49 Mangalore Rajahamsa
2145BNGMNP 19:30 10:00 Manipal Rajahamsa
2156BNGCDP 20:00 08:30 Kundapura Rajahamsa
2001BNGKOU 20:01 08:10 Kollur Rajahamsa
2159BNGMNG 20:15 10:13 Mangalore Rajahamsa
2216BNGMNG 20:30 09:45 Mangalore Rajahamsa
2058BNGMNG 20:58 09:16 Mangalore Rajahamsa
2254BNGCDP 21:00 08:30 Kundapura Rajahamsa
2246BNGMNG 21:10 07:50 Mangalore Rajahamsa
2139BNGCDP 21:39 08:05 Kundapura Rajahamsa
2235BNGMNG 22:35 09:00 Mangalore Rajahamsa

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